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I should introduce myself, but I am just an ordinary American citizen.My reason for building this web site is to ask you to help us in making the area called Ground Zero a National Park. As time goes by we have a way to lose the memory of what happened on that faithfull day. Every one gets up and goes to work and back home to family, loved ones, and friends. Those people were doing the same thing and was not thinking that nothing was going to happen on 9/11/2001. Maybe there are a lot of people out there that would just forget that day, but the familys, friends, co-workers,and others will not forget those that perished that day. This is why I hope that you help us to make Ground Zero a National Park, to keep everyone and people in the furture about what happened on black Tuesday. Please listen and look at some of the other sites listed on this site. I hope that you will never forget them.

Thank You
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We will never forget them

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Even though this picture is of our National bird, the Eagle is saying what the county was feeling at that time and the weeks that followed. Please click the link below and here you will receive information on how you can help.
World Trade Tribute